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Property Description

Situated within Inner London in the Borough of Camden, is Warren Mews; a cobbled cul-de-sac approached through an entrance under a building on Warren Street, in line with Tramadol Online Legal, also containing original/ surviving Mews properties. The Mews contains 10 properties used for residential and commercial purposes.


The Mews is part of the Fitzroy Square Conservation Area; designated in September 1968 as part of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area originally, the late 18th and early 19th century development is enclosed by fine terraces with a circular central garden. The views of the square itself open up along the streets that lead towards it whilst the remainder of the area is made up of streets of varying sizes, enclosed by three and four-storey townhouses. Tottenham Court Road marks the eastern edge of the Conservation Area.


A high explosive bomb fell onto Conway Street, right next to the Mews, presumably causing significant damage to the properties in World War II and when the London Poverty Maps were first published, the area was deemed to have poorer than average living conditions.


The two and three storey properties have plain brickwork facades with roofs hidden behind parapet walls, surrounded by a cobbled road surface. The Eastern side of the Mews has had significantly more redevelopment taking place in recent years whilst the Western side maintains the historic buildings and is of smaller scale.


Everchanging Nature

The original purpose of the Mews was to provide stable/ coach house accommodation for the main houses on the surrounding streets and nowadays they are predominantly used for residential purposes, with some commercial activity also taking place.


Before and since 2003 there have been many planning applications made for alterations to the properties within the Mews, the most notable being; the change of use of some properties from commercial to residential, basement excavations and alterations to the fenestration. Conservation Area controls apply to any new development in the Mews.

Address: Warren Street
Zip: W1T 6AJ
Country: United Kingdom
Property Id: 16930

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