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Reporting on the changes that are occurring in London to its Mews properties, in the hope of benefitting investors, homeowners, historians, students and tourists, as well as the merely quizzical, by increasing their knowledge and understanding of these fascinating properties.

What is a Mews?


A Mews property would probably originally have consisted of a coach house with stalls for the horses and, possibly, a loose box or yard for the horses.

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Mews of the Month


Christmas is nearly here! Wrap up warm this December and take a stroll to see Shepherd Street, our Mews of the Month. Shepherd Street is a cul-de-sac off W [more]
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Having visited all the Mews we can provide an appraisal of their everchanging nature by application of our own assessment – what we term the ‘current conservation status’.

We use this to divide the Mews into 5 sub-classes to enable you to tell at a glance how well preserved a particular Mews is or conversely how much it is in need of preservation.



Frequently asked questions about Mews and London Mews Facts.

Who are we?


We provide analyses and background information covering the ‘who, what, where and how’ of Mews and records them to give a broad perspective of the changes that are occurring.

The core of the site is an alphabetical directory of authentic Mews. In addition to the directory there is a commentary giving a historical perspective of Mews in general together with analyses of subjects affecting these properties and their ownership.

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