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Camden Mews

Project Profile– Camden Mews, London, NW1 9DA

Project description – Construction of Modern Mews Dwelling on an undeveloped plot in Camden Mews. The site originally contained a single domestic garage. 

This House is a few doors away from Ted Cullinan’s Mews house which also features on the ECM project Profiles.

Consultant – Justin Bere is a Director of Bere Architects. A firm who carry out Passivhaus work designed to provide sustainable, healthy, comfortable buildings that perform well and look beautiful. Justin is the author of ‘An introduction to Passive House’ published by the RIBA.

Budget – Undisclosed 

Design Inspirations – The original single garage has been demolished, but the original brick wall has been retained.

Justin Bere applies passivhaus house methods to his designs. 

This concept reduces the permitted space heating demand and primary energy consumption for a building. 

It is therefore can be considered both as a robust energy performance specification and a holistic low energy design concept. 

In a passivhaus thermal comfort is achieved to the greatest practical extent through the use of passiv measures, through the application of :-

  1. Good levels of ventilation and minimal thermal bridges
  2. Passiv solar gains and internal sources
  3. Excellent air tightness 
  4. Good indoor air quality provided by  mechanical whole house ventilation system
  5. The use of highly efficient heat recovery

Passiv haus standards impose an overall limit in the primary energy consumption which promotes energy efficiency in all areas. 

Justin produced the first certified passivhause building in London in 2010 and is now recognised as one of the most influential people in UK sustainability. 

Project Notes and Timescale – The building is occupied but works are ongoing.

Technological appraisal and Review –The building has impressive green credentials and materials have been used for its construction reflect the need for building to provide the optimal energy responses to its environment. 

Future Mews Projects – Justin is currently working both on this project and other Mews Projects.

Contact Details – Justin Bere, Bere Architects , 54A Newington Green, London, N16 9PX/ 73 Poets Road, London, N5 2SH  email:- info@bere.co.uk Telephone:- +44 (0) 207 241 1064