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MBA Surveyors

Our sister company – They carry out building surveys, provide party wall advice and other professional surveying services. MBA help individuals or organisations either purchasing properties or who may be affected by or wanting to undertake development. They understand the development process and can help you deal with the issues that arise and the red tape that surrounds it. Get in touch with us.

London Mansion Flats

Our sister company – London Mansion Flats Ltd. are Chartered Surveyors who provide professional and affordable property and survey solutions for all types of properties, with a particular interest and knowledge in Mansion Flats. Central London property transactions and development are highly regulated. They can be contentious and are often a long and difficult process to be involved in, also to understand. They can provide you with an independent surveyor’s report to enable you to understand the problems likely to be faced with the property and provide you with advice on works which may be required and the likely cost of those works. Whatever your concerns are, hopefully their experience will make your flat and property purchase less onerous to you than it may otherwise seem at the outset. Get in touch with us.