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Property Description

Princes Gate Mews is a part-cobbled cul-de-sac off Exhibition Road, arranged in 3 parts parallel to each other in the Boroughs of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea (on the border of both Boroughs). There are 89 properties in the Mews, used for both residential purposes.


A high explosive bomb fell onto Ennismore Gardens in World War II, east of the Mews. When the London Poverty Maps were published, the area was determined as having fairly comfortable households with good ordinary earnings.


Princes Gate Mews is part of Westminster City Council’s Knightsbridge Conservation Area. Designated in 1968, the area relates strongly to Queen’s Gate Conservation Area in Kensington and Chelsea and contains large-scale cultural and educational institutions such as the Royal Albert Hall. The western half of the area is dominated by a late Victorian cultural complex and mansion blocks whilst the east has residential areas of leafy squares and intimate terraces.


There are also several mews within the conservation area, particularly to the east and south. These are characterised by their intimate scale and are generally two storeys in height and relate to the plot width of the principal building with which they are associated.


The Mews has two and three storey buildings with a mixture of roof styles and painted brickwork or rendered facades. The garages present remain intact and are surrounded by a cobbled and tarmacadam road surface and partial flush and raised pavements.


Everchanging Nature


The original purpose of the Mews was to provide stable/ coach house accommodation to the main houses in the surrounding area. Now, it is used primarily for residential purposes.


A few planning applications have been made before and since 2003, notably; roof extensions and basement excavations. Conservation Area controls now apply to new development in the Mews.

Address: Exhibition Road
Zip: SW7 2PS
Country: United Kingdom

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