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Frederic Mews is a small Mews with no vehicular access off Kinnerton Street in Westminster. The Mews contains 8 properties and is approached through an entrance under a building.


In World War II, a bomb is recorded falling directly onto William Mews, directly behind Frederic Mews and as a result, there is little remaining evidence of previous equestrian usage in the surviving properties. The cul-de-sac is recorded as having households with comfortable living conditions and an ordinary household salary.


Frederic Mews is part of Westminster City Council’s Belgravia Conservation Area. First designated in 1968, it was laid out as a fashionable residential area to the west of Buckingham Palace. There is a high degree of townscape uniformity and a formal layout based on a grid pattern. The area is predominantly residential with some shops on the edges. There are also a significant number of embassies, diplomatic buildings and institutional headquarters.


The small, enclosed cul-de-sac contains two storey plain brickwork buildings, surrounded by a paved floor surface. The properties have gable roofs and there are no garages or room for parking.


Kinnerton Street was used as a location for the film ‘The Fallen Idol’, 1948, Carol Reed.


Everchanging Nature


The Mews originally provided stable/coach house accommodation for the larger houses in Kinnerton Street, from which Frederic Mews can be accessed.


There are no records of any planning applications made before or since 2003. Conservation Area controls now apply to new development in the Mews.

Address: Kinnerton Street
Zip: SW1X 8EQ
Country: United Kingdom
Property Id: 14415

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