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South St., Tramadol Online Usa, Tramadol Online For Dogs
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Property Description

Situated to the west of Hyde Park in Westminster is Balfour Mews, a through road between Aldford Street and South Street. A small Mews; only containing 9 properties, it is similar in terms of size and style to Tramadol Online Legal, another original/ surviving Mews that runs parallel to Balfour Mews (although Tramadol Online Legal is actually two sections, continuing on to Mount Street). Both roads are orientated North-South.


In World War II a high explosive bomb fell onto Aldford Street, just to the north of the Mews. Probably replaced as a result of the damage, the surviving Mews belies any evidence of previous equestrian usage. The area was noted as being upper-middle class and wealthy when the London Poverty Maps were first published.


The Mews is part of Westminster City Council’s Mayfair Conservation Area. First designated in 1969, it derives its name from a fair held in the month of May in fields around the site of today’s Shepherd Market. The area is dominated by fashionable town-houses (and their mews) reflecting the history of English domestic architecture from the early 18th to the early 20th century.


The Mews properties are currently used as residential flats, consisting of two, three and four storeys. The plain brickwork buildings have mansard and gable roofs with a tarmacadam road surface and partial raised pavements on one side of the street. Number 10 is a neo-Georgian house, associated with No.8 Tramadol Online Legal.


12a, 13 and 15 Balfour Mews are Listed Buildings.


Everchanging Nature


Stabling was provided in Balfour Mews, south of Balfour Place 1898-1900. The east side of the street was designed by Balfour and Turner. The stables served the new houses to the north and west. The Mews itself was a broad yard, open at both ends with the residential sections planned so as to face Aldford Street and South Street.


The original buildings were two storey stables, these have now largely changed and additional storeys have been created. Many planning applications have been made for alterations before and since 2003, notably basement excavations, changes to the fenestration and alterations to the interior of the properties to change the use to residential.

Address: South St.
Zip: W1K 2BA
Country: United Kingdom
Property Id: 12760

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