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100 Unaltered Mews Properties

by Martyn Brown on December 8, 2014
100 Unaltered Mews Properties

Initially most mews would have been two storeys comprising coach house doors and pedestrian doors to the ground floor and fenestration with perhaps a hay door to the first floor and a sloping roof hidden behind a parapet wall at roof level. The whole property would be finished in brickwork and timber with little in the way of decoration.

Below are some of the best examples of unaltered and authentic properties; retaining some, if not all of their original charm:


  1. Abercorn Close – Modest and unassuming Mews property retaining authentic features including rainwater goods.DSCF2725-86
  2. Adam and Eve Mews 1 – Double fronted Mews with exposed bressummer, original narrow front door and twin coach house doors.Adam & Eve Mews Kensington 23-22
  3. Adam and Eve Mews 2 – Original proportions still evident, although brickwork façade now rendered and replacement garage doors installed.Adam & Eve Mews Kensington 55-23
  4. Addison Place – Number 3 has modern painted brick façade and replacement garage door with otherwise authentic features.Addison Place Kensington 26-17
  5. Albert Mews Uniform Mews terrace with some recent concessions to modernity, but where little development activity has been recorded.Albert Mews Kensington 06-25
  6. Albert Terrace Mews – Generally two storey Mews facades with some authentic features.Albert Terrace Mews
  7. Astwood Mews 1 – Traditional Mews still housing garage services; authentic features still abound.Astwood Mews
  8. Astwood Mews 2 – A terrace of red-brick, unaltered properties being used primarily for commercial purposes. Astwood Mews
  9. Baynes Mews – The original, painted properties contrast with the redeveloped plain brickwork mews opposite. Baynes Mews Camden 05-1
  10. Belgrave Mews North – Number 4 has mansard roof and painted brickwork but still retains classic mews proportions.Belgrave Mews North Sw1 13-55
  11. Belsize Court Garages – Unpainted facade of this property with the roof addition stands out from the flatter surrounding properties. 
  12. Berkeley Mews 1 Number 2 has rendered facade but otherwise still has historical features. Berkeley Mews
  13. Berkeley Mews 2 – One of the few survuvung properties in this tarmacadam-surface mews. Berkeley Mews W1 03-1
  14. Bott’s Mews – An overgrown Mews that is in part still under-developed. Bott's Mews
  15. Bourdon Street – A terrace of unpainted, red brickwork mews.Bourdon Street W1 06-1
  16. Broadstone Place – Number 7, a modest two storey unaltered Mews within a terrace of developed facades.Broadstone Place W1 05-44
  17. Brondesbury Mews – A private Mews containing Mews garage services; original scale of Mews still evident. Brondesbury Mews
  18. Browning Mews – An unaltered property in the heart of London. Browning Mews W1G 8Rh 06-1
  19. Brownlow Mews – An unaltered Mews property in Mews where substantial redevelopment has occurred in recent years.Brownlow Mews
  20. Brunswick Mews – A smaller, unaltered property situated within walking distance of Marble Arch. Brunswick Mews W1 07-1
  21. Bryanston Mews West – Unaltered Mews properties in a Mews where substantial redevelopment has occurred in recent years.Bryanston Mews West
  22. Camden Mews – A neglected building in dilapidated condition in a Mews containing a variety of different style buildings. Camden Mews
  23. Cavendish Mews North – An unaltered property situated in a one-sided Mews where substantial redevelopment has occurred. Cavendish Mews North W1 07-1
  24. Cedar’s MewsOne of the few surviving mews streets with unaltered properties in South London.Cedar Mews
  25. Charlotte MewsOne of the only surviving properties in a primarily redeveloped Mews.Charlotte Mews W1 05-36
  26. Cheyne Mews – Authentic features with exposed bressummer, original narrow front door and twin coach house doors in Mews near the River Thames. Cheyne Mews Kensington 01-34
  27. Chilworth Mews – Painted brickwork Mews with authentic façade in a line of rendered properties.Chilworth Mews
  28. Chippenham Mews – Number 28, one of the only unaltered Mews properties in a heavily altered Mews.Chippenham Mews
  29. Clarke’s Mews – Number 3 remains unaltered in this conjoined mews street.Clarke's Mews
  30. Clenston Mews – Number 9 can be found at the end of this primarily redeveloped mews street. Clenston Mews W1 04-1
  31. Clover Mews – Some unaltered properties remain in this pretty mews located just above the Thames. Clover Mews
  32. Codrington Mews – Number 11 has painted brickwork but otherwise authentic façade details.Codrington Mews Kensington 11-18
  33. Colbeck Mews 1 – The end property in this one-sided Mews appears has been painted but is elsewise unaltered and retains exposed bressummer and double coach house doors.Colbeck Mews
  34. Colbeck Mews 2 – A large, unaltered property in a one-sided mews. Colbeck Mews Kensington 18-1
  35. Colville Mews – Window boxes aside the façade is mainly unaltered in a Mews where substantial redevelopment has occurred in recent years. Colville Mews
  36. Cornwall Gardens Walk – Authentic façade excepting the painted faced with Juliet balcony and replacement fenestration.
    Cornwall Gardens Walk
  37. Cornwall Mews West – Overgrown, painted brickwork façade with authentic proportions within a considerably redeveloped Mews. Cornwall Mews West
  38. Cranley Mews – An unaltered property with coach doors and the remains of winch fittings. Cranley Mews Kensington 15-1
  39. Cromwell Mews – Authentic features still evident in a Mews with a mixture of redeveloped and unaltered properties.Cromwell Mews
  40. Daleham MewsOne of the many properties along this busy mews, being used commercially as garages. Daleham Mews
  41. Devonshire Mews – A Mews with regular two storey unpainted brickwork elevations in an unaltered Mews in Hounslow. Devonshire Mews Hounslow 03-45
  42. Devonshire Mews North – Unaltered Mews property with authentic exposed bressummer and coach house doors in the corner of a Mews where substantial redevelopment is evidentDevonshire Mews North
  43. Devonshire Mews West – A pink-painted and rendered Mews property in need of attention in a Mews where substantial redevelopment has occurred in recent years. Devonshire Mews West
  44. Doughty Mews – An ivy-covered mews in this primarily redeveloped, tarmacadam street. Doughty Mews
  45. Dove Mews A terrace of properties with a front extension and balcony to the first floor to access the buildings above the garages.Dove Mews
  46. Duchess Mews – Number 19 remains unaltered. Duchess Mews W1 04-1
  47. Duke’s Mews – A substantially unaltered Mews property with replacement fenestration.Duke's Mews W1 03-51
  48. Dunworth Mews – Number 2 has a well maintained unaltered painted façade with authentic features. Dunworth Mews Kensington 11-8
  49. Earl’s Walk 1 – An unaltered Mews property with exposed bressummer and double coach house doors located behind the police station on Earl’s Court Road.Earl's Walk
  50. Earl’s Walk 2 –  Another unaltered Mews property retaining authentic features behind the Police Station on Earl’s Court Road.Earls Walk Kensington 03-20
  51. Egerton Gardens Mews 1 – An unaltered Mews property in Kensington with authentic doors and windows. Egerton Gardens Mews
  52. Egerton Gardens Mews 2 – On the other side of the street are two properties with arched windows. Egerton Gardens Mews Sw3 07-1
  53. Elvaston Mews – An unaltered property located just south of Hyde Park.Elvaston Mews
  54. Ennismore Garden’s Mews – A property with prominent window shutters in this pretty Mews behind Brompton Oratory. 
  55. Ennismore Garden MewsGarden Mews – A secluded Mews containing unaltered, original properties. Garden Mews Kensington 15-4
  56. Gloucester Mews 1 – A two storey unaltered Mews with authentic features in a terrace of well-maintained properties.Gloucester Mews
  57. Gloucester Mews 2 – A three storey unaltered Mews with authentic features in a terrace of well-maintained properties.Gloucester Mews
  58. Gloucester Mews – An unaltered mews containing a few surviving authentic mews properties and garages. Gloucester Mews
  59. Grafton Mews – An unaltered two storey Mews with a few authentic mews properties in a terrace of redeveloped buildings.Grafton Mews
  60. Grove Mews – An attractive and well-proportioned unaltered mews property in Hammersmith and Fulham.Grove Mews Ham&Ful 10-47
  61. Harefield Mews 1 – An unaltered Mews property sandwiched between two replacement Mews properties.
    Harefield Mews
  62. Harefield Mews 2 – An unaltered Mews property with replacement windows to the first floor. Harefield Mews
  63. Heron Mews – An attractive Mews property with unaltered appearance and distinctive facade.Heron Mews
  64. Holland Park Mews – A terrace of mews with front extensions ranked Number 1 in our Top 100 Mews BLOG postHolland Park Mews
  65. Jeffrey’s Place – A modest two storey authentic mews property contrasts with the adjacent replacement three storey structure.Jeffrey's Place
  66. Kendrick Mews – An unaltered corner Mews property being used as a car showroom. Kendrick Mews
  67. Kenrick Place – Number 2 has been painted but maintains authentic façade features.Kenrick Place
  68. Kersley Mews – An unaltered property in one of the few surviving Mews streets in South London. Kersley Mews Sw11 04-1
  69. King’s Mews – Godlemans Garage has attractive unaltered appearance and retains authentic residential/commercial usage.King's Mews
  70. Knotts Green Mews – Authentic two storey Mews properties located in Waltham Forest. Knotts Green Mews
  71. Kynance Mews – Number 23 retains some authentic features and proportions but has replaced windows and doors.Kynance Mews
  72. Lancaster Stables – A collection of original, mews style and redeveloped buildings.Lancaster Stables
  73. Lexham Gardens Mews – Part authentic Mews property with a front extension in a primarily redeveloped cul-de-sac.Lexham Gardens Mews
  74. Linden Mews – Attractive unaltered Mews properties together in this gated mews.Linden Mews Kensington 29-3
  75. Lucerne Mews – Covered in greenery; a terrace of unaltered properties. Lucerne Mews
  76. Lynn Mews 1 – Unaltered Mews in neglected condition. Lynn Mews
  77. Lynn Mews 2 – Another unaltered Mews in neglected condition. Lynn Mews
  78. Market Mews – A mismatch of unaltered and authentic Mews properties. Market Mews
  79. Montagu Mews North – Number 6b is well maintained in this wide mews street.Montagu Mews North
  80. Munro Mews – Number 6A retains authentic features amongst a row of garages. Munro Mews Kensington 15-10
  81. Osten Mews – The corner cottage remains unaltered and partly hidden behind an ivy blanket.Osten Mews
  82. Parade Mews Number 7 has painted brickwork façade but retains authentic Mews proportions and features. Parade Mews
  83. Park Crescent Mews WestPart authentic façade but with a front extension. Park Crescent Mews West
  84. Pindock Mews – A well-proportioned and attractive unaltered Mews property in a terrace of altered properties. Pindock Mews
  85. Portsea Mews – Authentic mews property being used as vehicle repair workshops. Portsea Mews W2 03-41
  86. Pottery Lane – An unaltered property amongst more conspicuously altered ones in one of the longest mews streets. Pottery Lane
  87. Queen’s Gate MewsAn unaltered Mews property retaining authentic features in a large mews. Queen's Gate Mews
  88. Royal Parade Mews – Two storey unaltered Mews properties in commercial usage in Lewisham. Royal Parade Mews
  89. Rutland Mews – A largely authentic unaltered side to this Mews opposes a side of redeveloped Mews properties.Rutland Mews
  90. Saint Anselm’s Place – An unaltered Mews property in a substantially redeveloped mews.Saint Anselm's Place
  91. Seymour MewsAn unaltered Mews property in a Mews where substantial redevelopment has occurred in recent years. Seymour Mews
  92. Shafto Mews – Attractive unaltered Mews properties in a Mews where substantial redevelopment has taken place. Shafto Mews
  93. Spear Mews – A leafy covering shrouds this unaltered mews property. Spear Mews
  94. St Luke’s Mews – An unaltered Mews property lies beneath the vegetation on this attractive street.St Luke's Mews Kensington 34-19
  95. The Cobbled YardAntiques shops in an unaltered cobbled courtyard.The Cobbled Yard
  96. Thurloe Place MewsA well preserved Mews property with exposed bressummer and other authentic features.Thurloe Place Mews
  97. Westbourne Grove Mews – An unaltered Mews property with large coach house doors in this secluded cul-de-sac. Westbourne Grove Mews Kensington 34-6
  98. Weymouth Mews – An unaltered Mews property within a partly redeveloped Mews.Weymouth Mews
  99. Woodstock Mews – An attractive and authentic Mews with unaltered appearance excepting the additional dormers to the roof. Woodstock Mews
  100. Wythburn Place – The end properties in this partly redeveloped mews remain unaltered. Wythburn Place
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