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Top 100 Mews

by Martyn Brown on September 1, 2014

London Mews are magnificent in their fusion of history and Architecture. They are surprisingly varied; some original and surviving, some re-developed and some merely Mews in name or style. This appraisal deals only with authentic Mews properties which can more easily be thought of as those having an equine past.

The majority of authentic Mews are in central London and hugely covetable. They are therefore prime targets for development and despite the red tape that surrounds them they are everchanging in nature. Our website records their everchanging nature and this list records what we consider are the 100 finest Mews at present.

The top 100 Mews on this list are ranked according to the following criteria:-

  • Authentic appearance of the Mews.
  • Retention of original Mews features.
  • Balanced layout with good proportions.
  • Well maintained buildings and well-tended vegetation.
  • Accessible to public; no locked security gates.
  • Classic Georgian relationship with main houses they are behind.
  • Free from too many obvious and inappropriate modern additions.
  • Consistent flat front elevations
  • Traditional streetscape with cobbles/setts.
  • Entrance defined with an Arch or an entrance off a secondary street.

Therefore we favour an original and surviving Mews off a secondary Road with a defined entrance, cobbled streetscape, and evidence of original features, lack of modern additions that is accessible to the public and well maintained.

Conversely we mark down those Mews lacking authenticity in their appearance, without original features, inaccessible to the public, that are lop sided, overdeveloped, poorly maintained and only partly intact.

Whilst we have been as objective as possible ultimately this is a subjective appraisal which is best illustrated by our choice of the finest Mews – Holland Park Mews as long, very grand, complete, unadorned and stylish. It has retained good authentic features and follows the contours of the Road in a way that is suavely seductive and draws you to walk along it. It is accepted that many would argue to the contrary as it does not directly align with the main properties it is behind and it has balustrading and other features not considered typical for a Mews.

This list will be reviewed on a regular basis to reflect if any Mews have been spoiled by the addition of gates, overdevelopment and poor maintenance works etc.

Please let us know your thoughts.

[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

100. Pavilion Road – Long enough to contain every variation of Mews one could wish for.

Pavilion Road SW1-16 99. McLeod’s Mews – Around a curved corner, the Mews transforms from Modern to Traditional.

McLeod's Mews SW7-5 98. Berkeley Mews Modern meets Mews in the Middle of London.

Berkeley Mews W1-10 97. Garden Mews – A rustic arch covets this charming cul-de-sac.

Garden Mews W2-2 96. Lancaster Stables – A contained cul-de-sac in the heart of Camden.

Lancaster Stables NW3-5 95. Portobello Mews – An exclusive enclave in Notting Hill.

Portobello Mews W11-2 94. Rutland Mews West – A variety of styles encompassing a secluded courtyard.

Rutland Mews West SW7-2 93. Wilton Mews SW1X – Containing a pub on the corner leading to Little Chester Street.

Wilton Mews SW1X-9 92. Norland Place – Colour and Cobbles combining.

Norland Place W11-4 91. Upbrook Mews Perfect balance of Georgian and Greenery.

Upbrook Mews W2-2


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

90. Russell Court – Rustic and close to Royalty with the Palace just around the corner.

Russell Court SW1-3 89. Jay Mews – Complementing the culture of the nearby Royal Albert Hall.

Jay Mews SW7-6 88. Princess Mews – Where modern design and tradition are married.

Princess Mews NW3-13 87. Lennox Gardens Mews – Private, but packed with original features.

Lennox Gardens Mews SW1-5 86. Park Crescent Mews West – Class in Central London.

Park Crescent Mews West W1-7 85. St Petersburgh Mews – One-sided work of art, just above Hyde Park.

St Petersburgh Mews W2-4 84. Weymouth Mews – Spacious and stately.

Weymouth Mews W1-12 83. Montagu Mews West – Keeping in tradition along with its southern counterpart.

Montagu Mews West W1-3 82. Queensberry Mews West – Tradition split into two parts.

Queensberry Mews West SW7-10 81. Cheyne Mews – A Mews fit for King Henry VIII Himself.

Cheyne Mews SW3-4


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

80. West Eaton Place Mews – A secluded space in a corner in Kensington.

West Eaton Place Mews SW1-3 79. Fulton Mews – A private portrayal of elegance.

Fulton Mews W2-3 78. Belgrave Mews West – Enjoy a pint in style, at the Star Tavern.

Belgrave Mews West SW1X-3 77. Codrington Mews – A variation of conservatively painted and decoratively colourful Mews.

Codrington Mews W11-3 76. Belgrave Mews North – Luxury at its finest.

Belgrave Mews North SW1X-12 75. McCrone Mews – A monochrome masterpiece.

McCrone Mews NW3-3 74. Woodstock Mews – Quality making up for quantity.

Woodstock Mews W1-6 73. Cedars Mews – Tradition meets elegant sophistication.

Cedar Mews SW4-3 72. Atherstone Mews – Colourful, Cobbled and Cozy.

Atherstone Mews SW7-11 71. Ladbroke Walk – A short stroll amongst authentic beauty.

Ladbroke Walk W11-10


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

70. Reece Mews – The charming counterpart of Kendrick Mews.

Reece Mews SW7-5 69. Devonshire Mews South – A linear collection of different storeys and facades.

Devonshire Mews South W1-8 68. Wilby Mews – A spacious courtyard surrounded by style.

Wilby Mews W11-2 67. Russell Gardens Mews – Containing plenty of Grand Designs.

Russell Gardens Mews W14-4 66. Portsea Mews – Come and get your car serviced whilst being transported to Georgian Times.

Portsea Mews W2-3 65. Junction Mews – Traditional mirroring Mews Style

Junction Mews W2-4 64. Morton Mews – A triple-arch marks the entrance to this well-framed Mews.

Morton Mews SW5-4 63. Park Square Mews – Differing shades of unpainted brickwork create plenty of class.

Park Sqaure Mews NW1-10 62. Lyall Mews – Pale pastel painted with plenty of period charm.

Lyall Mews SW1X-5 61. Northwick Close – Subtle and conservative.

Northwick Close NW8-10


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

60. Doughty Mews – Where Cobbles are lacking, it makes up for in Charm.

Doughty Mews WC1-3 59. Cornwall Gardens Walk – Boasting a few Surviving properties with their Original features.

Cornwall Gardens Walk SW7-4 58. Montagu Mews South – Original and Redeveloped properties, comfortably spread over a number of alcoves.

Montagu Mews South W1-15 57. Ledbury Mews West – Petite, quiet and secluded leading onto Laverton Place.

Ledbury Mews West - Lambton Place W11-6 56. Princes Gate Mews – Colourful collection distributed over three adjacent streets. Superb multi-prong Mews.

Princes Gate Mews SW7-20 55. Pindock Mews – A handsome collection of unpainted brickwork properties.

Pindock Mews W9-5 54. Pembroke Mews W8 – A private collection of period glamour.

Pembroke Mews W8-6 53. Stanhope Mews South – A cream-coloured row, complemented by vegetation.

Stanhope Mews South SW7-4

52. Laverton Mews – Mainly redeveloped but complementary to the Original property that remains.

Laverton Mews SW5-3 51. Rutland Mews South – Enclosed and idyllic.

Rutland Mews South SW7-3


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

50. Leinster Mews – Spire House overlooks this quiet street.

Leinster Mews W2-5 49. Colbeck Mews – Cobbled and full of character.

Colbeck Mews SW7-15 48. Wilton Row – A curved row of uniformed cottages.

Wilton Row SW1X-5 47. Belsize Court Garages – A compact collection of original and modern Mews.

Belsize Court Garages NW3-8 46. Radnor Mews – Painted and undecorated Mews changing in style from Original to Modern as you pass along.

Radnor Mews W2-12 45. Ovington Mews – A small section of part-cobbled seclusion.

Ovington Mews SW3-4 44. Drayson Mews – Curving and cobbled, with a home for Jaguars.

Drayson Mews W8-16 43. Petersham Mews – A wide, straight view of original features and beyond, Elvaston Mews.

Petersham Mews SW7-16 42. Eaton Mews South – Opposing cul-de-sacs, each with their own personality.

Eaton Mews South SW1-2 41. St George’s Square Mews – Hidden houses just above the Thames.

St Geroge's Square Mews SW1-5


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

40. Craven Hill Mews – A quiet escape in Lancaster Gate.

Craven Hill Mews W2-3 39. Eccleston Mews – Inner city seclusion.

Eccleston Mews SW1X-9 38. Conduit Mews – Original Mews on one side mirrored by modern additions.

Conduit Mews W2-5 37. Radley Mews – Joining onto Lexham Mews; boasting picturesque homes and handsome garages.

Radley Mews W8-7 36. Clover Mews – With its floral accompaniment; a very pretty Mews.

Clover Mews SW3-1 35. Pembridge Mews – Greenery, benches, cobbles and brickwork.

Pembridge Mews W11-7 34. Eton Garages – Surrounding the cars; undecorated brickwork lining the enclosed street.

Eaton Garages NW3-4 33. Montagu Mews North – Traditional original.

Montagu Mews North W1-2 32. Daleham Mews – Garages, Workshops and Houses line this sweeping uphill street.

Daleham Mews NW3-7 31. Steeles Mews North – Ivy-Covered arch marks the entrance to this small cul-de-sac.

Steeles Mews North NW3-9


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

30. Grosvenor Crescent Mews – Modern and Original features entwine in this Cobbled Crescent. Notable for the raw-boned splendour of its grand brickwork elevations.

Grosvenor Crescent Mews SW1X-3 29. Bolton Gardens Mews – A charming, cobbled, cul-de-sac.

Bolton Gardens Mews SW10-5 28. Shafto Mews – A more ‘open’ feel to a Mews.

Shafto Mews SW1-6 27. Eaton Mews North – A Mews in two parts; with plenty of charm.

Eaton Mews North SW1X-12 26. Turnchapel Mews – Private, but well maintained seclusion.

Turnchapel Mews SW4-2 25. Cornwall Mews West – Small and secluded.

Cornwall Mews West SW7-3 24. Astwood Mews – Mews de Monaco.

Astwood Mews SW7-3 23. Cornwall Mews South – In this case; one side is enough.

Cornwall Mews South SW7-5 22. Denbigh Close – MEWS in capital letters.

Denbigh Close W11-10 21. Osten Mews – Secluded corner sanctuary.

Osten Mews SW7-8


[100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

20. Pont Street Mews – Mixes lush Mews lines with historical features.

Pont Street Mews SW1-7 19. Spear Mews – Oozing charm and character.

Spear Mews SW5-9 18. Thurloe Place Mews – Bucolic reflection on inner city living.

Thurloe Place Mews SW7-6 17. Adam and Eve Mews – Needs only a pub for top billing.

Adam and Eve Mews W8-26 16. Petersham Place – Almost enough authentic features for 2 Mews.

Petersham Place SW7-11 15. Hesper Mews – Suavely seductive Mews.

Hesper Mews SW5-6 14. Roland Way – Quintessential Mews with some unique features.

Roland Way SW7-7 13. Lucerne Mews – Well sorted Mews.

Lucerne Mews W8-3 12. Cranley Mews – Indisputably a Mews masterpiece.

Cranley Mews SW7-20 11. Kynance Mews – Pure period charm.

Kynance Mews SW7-24

 [100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

10. St. Luke’s Mews – Mews in two parts; modern south contrasts with original north section.

St Lukes Mews W11-28 9. Elvaston Mews – Multifaceted but magnificent.

Elvaston Mews SW7-14 8. Devonshire Close – Idyllic verdant Mews.

Devonshire Close W1-4 7. Manson Mews – Packed with authentic features.

Manson Mews SW7-4 6. Kersley Mews – Great proportions; undecorated brickwork looks great.

Kersley Mews SW11-15 5. Baynes Mews – Pure authentic Mews beauty.

Baynes Mews NW3-5 4. Horbury Mews – Magnificent Mews with piazza like courtyard setting.

Horbury Mews W11-8 3. Rutland Mews – A classic secluded gem.

Rutland Mews NW8-4 2. Hyde Park Gardens Mews – Like a David Lean Film; a sweeping epic of a Mews.

Hyde Park Gardens Mews W2-18 1. Holland Park Mews – The Cecil B.Demille of Mews; highly stylish.

Holland Park Mews W11-23

 [100-91] [90-81] [80-71] [70-61] [60-51] [50-41] [40-31] [30-21] [20-11] [10-1]

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