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Property Description

Sussex Mews East is a cobbled cul-de-sac, approached through its own arch on Clifton Place in Westminster. The Mews contains 11 properties used for residential purposes and a pedestrian through road. It is located on the site of an original Mews but has been re-developed to a degree that it no longer contains any surviving Mews properties.


In 1940, a high explosive bomb fell onto Westbourne Terrace, not far from Tramadol Online Legal (another original/ surviving Mews very close to Sussex Mews East) but the mews itself was largely unaffected by this. When the London Poverty Maps were published, the area was noted as being fairly comfortable with good, ordinary earnings.


Sussex Mews East is part of Westminster City Councils Bayswater Conservation Area. Developed over the space of about 70 years, the townscape is uniform despite being composed of several distinct areas and is made up of a regular composition of streets and squares in an Italianate style. An important aspect of the street pattern are the several Mews, some quite intimate and others so large that they appear to be a development of their own. The contrast of scale provided by these mews is a crucial aspect of the overall areas character.


The three storey properties in the Mews are of plain brickwork, with roofs hidden behind parapet walls. The cobbled street has raised pavements and restricted parking. The Mews Arch to Sussex Mews East, Sussex Cottage is a Grade II Listed Building.


Everchanging Nature

Sussex Mews East was originally stable/ coach house accommodation for the main houses in Sussex Place. The main use of the properties now is residential.


Before and since 2003, there have been a few applications made for alterations to the properties in the Mews, notably; mansard roof extensions. Conservation Area controls apply to any new development within the Mews.

Address: Clifton Place
Zip: W2 2TS
Country: United Kingdom
Property Id: 16737

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