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by Martyn Brown on January 11, 2016
Current Conservation Status (CCS) of Mews

As you spend time surfing our website you will find reference to 630 Mews across London of all types; new, old, original and surviving, redeveloped and extinct or variations of these.

The Mews types can be confusing at first, so we devised Tramadol Online Canada to better understand the different types.

The definitions make the study of the Mews more structured and meaningful. This appraisal is everchanging and with the primary classification of an authentic Mews comes the need to understand its current conservation status – or to put it simply: how well the Mews are surviving.

Our primary requirement is that an authentic Mews retains some form of historical equine connection. Whilst this immediately rules out more modern developments – those Mews which have been styled to evoke the feeling of a Mews development or merely uses the name Mews – it opens questions about the current status of others which may only partly satisfy this requirement.

Understanding this is important since the intention of our study is to record how these Mews properties evolve through time by usage, development, statutory controls or any other imposed restrictions.

Having visited all the Mews we can provide an appraisal of their everchanging nature by application of our own assessment – what we term the ‘current conservation status’.

We use this to divide the Mews into 5 sub-classes to enable you to tell at a glance how well preserved a particular Mews is or conversely how much it is in need of preservation.

The 5 sub- classes of Mews each depend on their number of remaining authentic Mews properties. 4 of the sub-classes below represent original and surviving Mews, the other sub-class represents a redeveloped Mews.

The current conservation status sub-classes are as follows:-

0. EXTINCT – No authentic Mews property is believed to remain (100% Mews properties are redeveloped); these are in locations which previously contained authentic Mews properties but none now remain. In effect they have been fully re-developed and can no longer be considered original and surviving Mews.

Tramadol Online Australia

Elnathan Mews – © Everchanging Mews

1. HIGHLY ENDANGERED – Highly endangered (75% plus Mews properties are redeveloped and less than 25% authentic Mews properties remain in the Mews);

Tramadol Online Uk

Clenston Mews – © Everchanging Mews

2. ENDANGERED (50 – 75% Mews properties are redeveloped and less than 50% authentic Mews properties remain in the Mews);

3. VULNERABLE – High risk of endangerment (25 -50% Mews properties redeveloped and less than 75% authentic Mews properties remain in the Mews);

Tramadol Online Usa

Rutland Mews – © Everchanging Mews

4. LEAST CONCERN – Lowest risk (less than 25 Mews properties are redeveloped in the Mews; and between 75% and 100% authentic Mews properties remain in the Mews); 

This classification needs constant appraisal as the numbers of Mews can change seemingly overnight so we try to be vigilant as we travel around the Mews.

Help is always appreciated to monitor this carefully. If any of our readers become aware of any significant developments in any Mews that may appear to change its character please do let us know by Tramadol Overnight Shipping Visa, with a photo if possible.


Tramadol Uk Buy Tramadol American Express