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by Martyn Brown on March 19, 2018

This is an introduction to the new App from ECM called the London Mews Explorer. Every day, thousands of people travel around London unaware of their proximity to these unique historical byways and the small scale world of the London Mews.

Previously looking for specialist pool information about the Mews was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This App will ensure Mews explorers need look no further.

The App is designed to provide a general introduction to the Mews as well as bespoke walks, a cycle ride and in-depth knowledge. In short, it is the only App you need to find the who, what, where, when, how and why of the Mews.

In many ways the App is the ideal platform for Mews exploration, as it allows you to navigate around the Mews without the need to carry anything more bulky than a smartphone.

You can download the iOS App here and the Android App here.

The App features 6 browser windows to aid your exploration and enjoyment of the Mews:

1. Nearby Mews – When in London this is a particularly useful feature. The GPS of your phone is able to locate the nearest Mews to you, and show you directions – so you’ll never miss out on a Hidden Mews again.

2. Favourites – Quickly save and find Mews that you’ve already visited, want to visit or find interesting. Just “star” your favourite Mews as you use the app, and then these will be available as a shortcut in the Favourites section.

3. Surprise Me – to supplement the other search features and to enhance the scope of enquiry we included a surprise feature that brings the power of the App to occasion knowledge where logic might not otherwise bring it to your attention. For example did you know that the Bee Gees lived in the Mews or there are more Mews in Westminster than in any other London Borough?

4. What is a Mews – Our website contains a wealth of information on Mews properties, from the mere basics to in-depth analysis on certain properties. If you’ve just started out on your Mews exploration journey, then this section in our App will give you all that you need to know.

5. Book a Survey or Enquire – App users can be Mews Owners or even potential Mews Owners. This feature allows the App to process professional enquiries to our sister company MBA Surveyors who offer surveying services relating to the sale, or development of Mews properties.

6. 15 Mews Walks and 1Mews Cycle Ride – As the introduction says:To illustrate the wide variety and distribution of Mews areas to be found in central London, we have devised 15 Walks and, since it is now possible to hire bicycles at ease, we have added a cycle ride that circumnavigates most, but not all, of them.

There are 267 Mews to visit and about 100km to travel on the walks which range from dilapidated to the preserved, quaint and pristine and the overblown.

Generally they remain simple Avenues of brick Terraces separated by undulating expanses of stone setts colloquially referred to cobbles.

Each Walk covers a distinct area with its own peculiarities, some of which are shared with the other areas, but some unique. The cycle ride is more ambitious as it winds its way around most if not all the Mews. Despite its ambition it can be easily managed in instalments given the location of numerous bike stations along its route.

Further advice from MBA Surveyors

This post and the others in this series in no way attempt to provide specific advice on any particular mews property. Being general in nature it is no substitute for any professional advice you will need with your own Mews property.

If you require professional surveying advice please contact our sister company MBA Surveyors Telephone on 0207 419 5033 or alternatively, contact us by e-mail sending the drawings you have or notice you have received on We will then be happy to advise you further.